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Surprise Fish


I asked Jason to stop by the store on his way home tonight to pick up some fish for dinner. He called me from the seafood counter to ask which fish he should buy.

“Salmon or tilapia?”

“I dunno–do they have any trout?”


“Either salmon or trout, you pick”

“Trout it is!”

I opened the package expecting to find something like this:

So imagine my confusion when I instead found this:

Isn't this a salmon filet? Husband! What game are you playing with my emotions!

Turns out, this is a steelhead trout.

Pretty, aint he?

I’ve see these filets in the seafood case before, but never really investigated them much, but after doing some reading, I think I’ll be buying it a lot more often. Apparently steelhead trout are salmon in almost every way, including life cycle, diet, range and flavor–but unlike salmon, they are not horribly over-fished, prone to diseases when farmed, and in danger of population collapse. According to Seafood Watch, they are actually a GOOD choice for the conscientious fish lover, carrying a rating of “best choice” due to it’s ecologically sound farming practices. Hot dog.

I’m going to take a stab at this recipe for tonight, I think. I’ll let you know how it turns out!