Hands of folks addicted to Pinterest? Pretty much everybody? Well, if you like crafty things, you might have seen a pin floating around linking to this A2D project.

Cool, huh? Well, as it turns out, I am currently facing a huge amount of uncertainty about where I will call home in a month or two, and this apparently makes me a little nesty. I love the shades of blue that she used, but I decided to go with reds and yellows for my living room.

Now that I look around, I have to admit that this was fairly arbitrary. In my grad school apartment, I had one red accent wall, and a red futon cover, and thusly went with a lot of browns and yellows and oranges in that room. But that wall and that futon are both long gone, as are the red and yellow throw pillows, and the yellow wooden plaques that I’d painted with Italian tile designs… In fact I have more blues and greens in here right now than reds. Whatever.

I spent an evening watching TV with the Husband and cutting the handles off of spoons. I discovered that it was easiest to score the plastic just a bit with the scissors, then snap it off. Cutting all the way through with the scissors caused cracks and chips.

Instead of trying to glue and tape together an 18 and a 12 inch MDF wreath form, I just bought an 18 inch one and a sheet of foam board. Much easier. I hot-glued that sucker on there, cut out the circle and poked holes through the foam from the back using the pre-drilled holes in the form to use as reference when lining up the spoons. Feeling pretty proud of myself, I put on some netflix reruns and started gluing down spoons.

Right about then, I realized that I hadn’t ever cut out the center circle to put the mirror behind. Bummer. After some careful measuring, cursing, measuring some more, and the judicious use of a knitting needle, yarn and a pencil, I marked off a center circle of about the right diameter and cut it out. Woo! I continued gluing on spoons over the next couple of days, whenever I had free time. I had to make a second trip out to Big Lots for spoons, because I can’t read. But finally it was done!

It actually looked really pretty with just the white spoons. But not really what I was going for. Now in the original blogger’s instructions, she says that its super easy to paint each individual spoon, but that she primed and spray painted the whole thing first. I just used a Krylon for plastic spray paint, and painted the whole thing yellow. It looked really cool when I just put that first really light coat on since it mostly painted the outer edges of the “petals,” but didn’t get all the way down into the overlapping curves of them. You could do a lot just with that, either over the white of the spoons, or with two shades of spray paint. I gave them a pretty good coating though.

Now, let me just tell you. It was not easy to paint each individual petal. It was awkward as all get out, since i was intent on painting the edges and the undersides as well. It took forever. And the acrylic paint I used required more than one coat per petal to not look like streaky crap.

To create the color fade, I started out in the middle with a dark red, then kept adding yellow to the cup for every round. When the whole thing was done, though, I was very pleased with the result. I used some plastic roping that we had laying around to hang it, and taped rather than glued the mirror to the back, in case I should someday change my mind. It looks pretty cool just as a big starburst wreath. I also went over each petal with a layer of varnish leftover from a previous project, to both seal the acrylic paint and to make the whole thing a little shiny and finished looking. This could easily have been accomplished with a can of clear spray paint, but I am cheap and didn’t want to go back out.

I liked the way it turned out so much that I decided to make two smaller ones to accompany it (if HGTV has taught me anything, its that things look better in threes). I used the center circle I’d cut out of the larger mirror for the smaller one, and had enough spoons leftover from the first one to do the second. This time I laid out the spoons on the circle first, figuring out how many would be in each round. Then I spray painted the foam circle first (DO THIS!), and all of the spoons individually. I painted each spoon before I glued it down, and though that seems like it should have taken a lot longer, it really went faster that way, since I wasn’t having to hold the thing at an angle and get a little brush up in there to get the undersides. I glued the whole thing together, taped on the mirror, and added a piece of twine to hang it with.

I did this one in shades of orange rather than starting with red. The third will between the two sizes I have, and be in shades of yellow, but I have to go buy another mirror and some more dang spoons before I can put it together.

They’re on the wall  now, though not in their final home. I think they turned out really well!


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  1. These look beautiful! I like that you spray painted the spoons first with the second mirror – as soon as I saw the pics of the white spoons glued to the foam I thought it would be easier to paint them first.

    I may just have to do this in my house – we have a big old wall by our front door that is sorely lacking some pizzaz.

    • Thanks! They really were pretty easy in the end, and super cheap. 48 spoons for $1 a box, $1 for foam board, maybe $4 for spray paint…the most expensive part was the mirror.

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