Tis the season…for auditions



For an aspiring opera singer, auditions are like the bread of life. (I’d love to say that PAYING GIGS are the bread of life, but they’re much rarer for newbies like me, and we’d all starve to death.) To get these dream-nourishing chances to sing in front of potential employers, we spend most of our time sending out application packages. Lots and lots of application packages.
Each one costs us money–not only for postage ($2-5), the cost of a recording ($300+ for multiple pieces, $10 for a stack of CDs and cases), and headshot prints ($300+ for the photo, $70 for a stack of prints), but also in application fees, which range anywhere from the $15-40. Some are free. Those are awesome. And rare.
Most packages will be rejected. This is why you send out so many. But sometimes you DO land the audition. Then what?
If you’re like me, you’ve been drifting along in a haze of rejection and the day job slog, and the offer of an audition is not only surprising, it’s a little terrifying. Holy crap this means I actually have to/get to sing for someone! Simultaneous euphoria and terror!
I’ve gotten two auditions so far this year, both coming up in December. One is in Philly, at AVA. I’m
Pretty stoked about that one, and I feel confident about getting there with minimal drama and cost.
The other is in NYC. I’ve never been to New York. Not on a high school band trip, not with college friends on an adventure, not to sing for a coach or teacher… It’s a very intimidating thing for me. I’ll be taking the plunge for the first time on December 10th, and if any of y’all have suggestions or tips about how best to plan and proceed, I welcome them.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go hyperventilate for a bit, then suck it up and get to work in the practice room.


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