General Malaise


Since it’s been about a million years since I last updated, I though I’d start out with a few lists, inspired by ModernDayQueen:

Things I Have Done Since My Last Post:

  1. Sang a couple of recitals in Louisville. It went really well, and gave me a shot of confidence about singing bigger rep. It was also great to see folks back home. It was a good visit.
  2. Started teaching voice and piano to a couple of kids in the area. It’s been slow going so far picking up students, especially since I’ve started working in retail again to help make ends meet (or at least get our ends a bit closer to each other).
  3. I spent a lot of time researching young artist programs and summer programs, and have sent out several applications. I still have about 15 on my list to send out, but at $15-45 a pop, its sorta slow going. I have gotten two auditions so far, but had to cancel one because of a family emergency. The other is for Kentucky Opera’s young artist program. This would be an AWESOME placement for me, since I’d be so close to family. *fingers crossed*  FYI: This is where the productive part of my list ends.
  4. Watched all 7 seasons of Star Trek: Next Generation on Netflix, and meanwhile knitted a baby blanket and started two pairs of socks. All of Law and Order has shown up on instant view, which is going to get me through all my Christmas knitting. 🙂
  5. Started running. Stopped running. Hoping to start again.

Things I Have Not Done Since My Last Post:

  1. Post the photos of the rest of my Austria trip…We’ll have to do some time traveling posts and remedy that.
  2. Find a teacher or coach in the area.
  3. Learn any new arias.
  4. Practice much.
  5. Finished moving into my house.

Things I Plan to Get Done ASAP:

  1. Follow up on recommendations for coaches from a friend of mine.
  2. Schedule a lesson with my Greensboro teacher before I head down there for Thanksgiving.
  3. Come up with a real practice schedule, and stick to it. Related: Figure out if I can use the practice rooms at West Chester U without a card to swipe in the doors.
  4. Finish learning Una voce poco fa. It’s going well so far.
  5. Pick out some new arias to learn, with an emphasis on something UPBEAT for God’s sake. It’s hard for me to pick out contrasting arias when they are basically all the same mood.
  6. Continue losing weight. I had plateaued, but hearing all the compliments from family when we saw them a week ago has really reminded me how far I’ve come. Gotta keep that number falling!
  7. Figure out how to make my house look good, despite still not being able to afford to buy things like a couch.

Onward! Upward! Forward on the Foe!


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