Hello from the Keystone State!


“Hi There. Remember me? I’m your blog! I know that some of the fun went out of updating when you lost the ability to upload photos, and believe me, I understand! But really, isn’t that kind of shallow? I’m more than pretty pictures, you know. I’m a way for your to record and process things as they happen in your life! And gosh, I can’t help but notice that some pretty big things have been happening in your life here lately! Maybe you should come on back in here and tell us all about it…”

Right you are, Blog. I’ve been neglecting my updating like it’s my job. Which, come to think of it, it might as well be, since I’m unemployed at the moment. Can I put that on a business card and hand it to people in professional situations to assuage this feeling of social uselessness? “Hello! Yes, I’m a Semi-Professional Blog-Neglector; here’s my card.”

Ok! So what’s been up with me since I last wrote? Well, the rest of my Austria trip happened, which I think I’ll have to break into parts and finish writing about soon. Promise! But for now I’ll just have to skip it. *Spoiler alert!*: I came home safely from Austria and dove right into an interstate move from Kentucky/Southern Indiana to Pennsylvania via North Carolina.

It was…a long couple of weeks. We have, as it turns out, a whole heck of a lot of stuff, and though we’ve been methodically getting rid of junk by the trash bag and Goodwill-donation-run-load, we still have plenty of stuff left over to make moving less than pleasant.

Also, it turns out that cats don’t really like long car rides. Now, I basically could have guessed that on my own, but our cats wanted to make sure that there was absolutely no question left in our minds. They accomplished this in different ways. Zoie yowled and cried and writhed dramatically in her carrier, flinging herself at the mesh sides and scratching the crap out of them for hours at a time. Jasper went for a more passive aggressive approach: he peed and pooped his container in a fairly spectacular way the first day, leaving all three of us with no choice but to endure 8 hours in the car with the smell of cat poo heavy in the air. Because of some rental truck shenanigans, we ended up driving overnight to North Carolina, arriving not at 10:00pm, as we originally planned, but rather at 5:30am. Whee!

But we all arrived safely in Pennsylvania a couple of days later, and Jason and I moved us into our new home for the year. It’s been sorta fun to move into our little townhouse, and also challenging in its own way. Though we moved in on our 5th wedding anniversary, we’ve been living apart for the last two years while we finished Grad school. In a lot of ways, its like pushing the reset button on our whole marriage, so we’re RE-combining our households. It’s like a bonus honeymoon phase! We’re also dead broke until Jason’s job starts in September, so we haven’t really been able to settle in yet. It never ceases to amaze me how much money it takes to move into a new place. But we’ve been working hard to create a home here, and it feels more comfortable and put-together every day.

I’ve been job hunting, and coming to terms with the weird no-mans-land between getting a fine arts degree and getting work. I’m overqualified for a lot of jobs that are flexible enough to let me perform as I need–it’s hard to get hired at the Fro Yo place or Panera  with a masters degree, people. It’s also hard to get a job in my field, since I lack teaching experience. I’m sending out applications on a regular basis, and investigating my options for teaching as part of some local music studio. Though this extended vacation has been lovely, I’m sort of anxious to have an income again, especially since my 6 month grace period on student loans is ticking down fast!

I’m also preparing for a couple of recitals back in the Louisville area at the beginning of September, which is really exciting, and have also been continuing the work I started this summer at LAI to find my voice. More on that later–for now, my dear husband and I are going to explore a local park!


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