Adventures in Hostel Living–Now with photos!


Jo and I are staying in Hostels while we travel, since we are both on a tight budget. We are trying to stick to nicer ones, but have been staying in the 6 bed dorm style rooms instead of private rooms to keep the cost down. This means that you have probably 4 other roommates sharing the space with you, people who don’t always keep the same hours that you do, or speak the same language, or have the same ideas about hygiene…We’ve gotten really lucky so far, and have only had nice, fairly quiet and considerate roommates.

So here’s the hostel we’re staying in right now:

Pretty swanky, huh?

Not half bad!










We are trying to be as cheap as possible, but we did decide to pay a little extra for the all female dorms instead of the mixed ones. So imagine my surprise last night when I walked into our room after spending a couple hours in the lounge and found two American guys sitting there. We all just looked at each other for a second, them friendly and me just flat out confused. I thought I’d somehow walked into the wrong room. I checked my bed, found all my stuff…right room. Huh. They introduced themselves as Peter and something-or-other. They were totally nice, but despite assuring me that they were not creepers, the fact remains that they shouldn’t have been there. I told them that I didn’t really mind them being there so much (perhaps a little…their presence would complicate life a bit), but that there were three other girls living in the room who might feel differently, and since this was supposed to be an all female dorm, I offered to go down to the desk and ask what was up.

In the lobby, I met Jo on her way up. Dude, there are dudes in our room! Indeed, they had screwed up at the desk, and the two guys were supposed to be down the hall. The front desk person went back up with us to break the news to Peter and Other Guy, who had unfortunately already totally settled in, made their beds, hung laundry…I felt like a total tool for asking them to leave, but really. I paid extra to be able to sit around in my bra if I felt like it, and I was hesitant to give that luxury of guylessness up. They were totally nice about it, and quickly moved to their new room. We stayed up for a bit, I started watching 2001: A Space Odyssey on itunes, and we both crashed out pretty early. Our other two roommates, a couple of undergrads in a study abroad program, came in pretty late but were quiet.

This morning we both got up as quietly as possible and went down to breakfast. It’s hard to move really quietly in a dim room without your glasses on or contacts in. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember where I had put either, and wasn’t going to be able to find them without making some considerable noise, so I went to breakfast blind. Both girls were sacked out when we left, alone in their beds.

When we returned from breakfast I didn’t notice anything different, being still blind. Just sleeping undergrads, snoring gently. But Jo informed me that we now had a male roommate, there in bed with one of the girls. He materialized while we were at breakfast, and was now laying there in his boxers (thank you God) and a shirt, sleeping fitfully while we tried our best to stay quiet and not disturb anyone. What the crap. We should have just let Peter and Other Guy stay! We both went to the bathrooms to get ready, and she kicked him out, and apologized profusely for letting him in and letting him stay to sleep. Oh hostel living–what an adventure.


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